"AWB-Tour 2010 -  From Orient to Occident "
One People, One Sky


23 April. 2010 to  31 May 2010


On the road to Kayseri (Anatolya)

The big volcano Erciyes ....

......is naming the university.

Dr. Ferhat Fikri Özeren is showing me the 12m radiotelescope


Visiting the university

Remembering IYA2009

Dr. Ferhat Fikri Özeren & his friendly crew

Following some pictures of my lecture to astronomystudents and members of ASTER
(Erciyes University Amateur Astronomyclub, www.aster.web.tr )

Here my wife in function as "my personal press photographer"

Interested young people, listening .........

...... and discussing.

On my left hand the chairman of ASTER

Here I felt again a very  friendly and warming welcome and astronomy is really connecting people.


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